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The best things we know and love started as tiny things-Joel Gascoigne​

Salaamy creative community is a platform created  to support and unite muslim artists on a single platform where they can network with International Artists ,promote their art,educate themselves with affordable courses and much more ,At Salaamy we aim to create a ecosystem which can solve all the problems and furnish artists with ample resources and opportunities to compete in the virtual art industry .

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You may be an enthusiast, a pro or an expert, We welcome all Muslim Artists, who want to be a part of this new tribe who would like to connect to fellow Muslim artists in an environment where they can socialize,learn and share knowledge & experiences

The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:
“Seeking knowledge is a compulsion on every Muslim.”


Socialise with a creative minds It really matters who you hangout with.Start Socialising with the most talented individuals & Muslim Artists invited to our Community .

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Its a free platform and there are no fees hiding anywhere and no conditions apply

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Free and Affordable paid courses to upgrade your skills and if you are master who wants to start an online workshop or course our doors are open for you .

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Theres is a lot more to start engaging with  community and explore your creativity 

Free Art Forum

Ask All your doubts or share your knowledge as a mentor.Usethe forum to promote your social channels or sell your artworks


Promote your Art
Promote your artwork on the community wall or ask for reviews on forum from experts .Your art will get noticed and appreciation.


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Start Blogging about your art journey or share tips and tricks like an expert to reach a wider audience


Art Competiotions-Giveaways-Interviews

Regular Art contests , Monthly Giveaways and Interviews from famous muslim artists its the right place to have some real fun .


Featured Artists

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Mahnaz Karimi

Master of Resin Art
Hassanmassoudy 276x300 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Hassan Massoudy

World's Best Calligrapher
nada al barazi 240x300 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Nada Al Barazi

Renowned Dubai Based Artist
SHEEBA WITH RUSSO 300x169 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Sheeba Khan

Award Winning Artist
donia 300x296 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Donia Alshetairy

Award Winning Saudi Artist
45271011 1877119398991505 1843740489925263360 o 1 300x200 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Faried Omarah

Award Winning Egyptian Artist
39F323B7 6FF0 4A90 A414 538AD0051CEF scaled 1 225x300 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Linah Sofi

Awarded San Francisco Based Artist
wardha shabbir 202x300 1 - Muslim Artists Worldwide

Wardha Shabbir

Award Winning Pakistani Artist

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Real Reviews

By Real Community Members 

A power-packed initiative for Muslim artists on a global scale that is sure to captivate your heart the moment you transcend into its beauty. Highly recommended for any amateur or trained artist. Personally very thankful to the organisers and volunteers for their selfless and high-yielding effort! Kudos to all! 👏❤️👏❤️
Mohammad Abdul Muqueet
A great initiative 😍😍!! Extremely happy to take classes from salaamy🥰🥰🥰. Affordable platform to learn calligraphy . Thank you so much for this beautiful platform.🤩🤩🤩 May allah swt bless you all with the best 😇. And my sincere appreciation goes to the whole team . keep going 🥰🥰
Alfiya Sulaiman
Awesome platform to make grow all the talented minds! Every option given in this platform is really affordable by everyone,and it’s team doing well everything ! May Allah SWT spray his blessings to grow more and more on future!
Minza Malik
pricing premium - Muslim Artists Worldwide

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We Extend our support to Muslim Artists Worldwide

This platform serves the purpose of bringing creative muslim artists on a single platform and recognising great art & beauty blessed to the ummah

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