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Complete Henna Art /Mehendi Design Course from Basic to Advance

Looking to take up a new hobby or Become a professional henna artist? you might want to check out Masterclass and learn from the ultimate experts in this field. To help kickstart your journey in henna art /Mehendi design, we've gathered a group of Henna experts to make you a pro!! Learn Mehendi designing /Henna art from basics to advance in just a few days... We teach you the art of learning to draw Mehendi designs the SMART WAY & EASY TECHNIQUES. The smart way includes: To analyze designs, break them down, and observe recurring patterns in designs. We're providing you a course aimed at anybody male or female that wants to know more about Henna, but are not sure where to start. This is a great course for beginners and for those who want to brush up on any existing techniques. From the basic floral, peacock and mango designs, to the most intricate checkered design, this course covers them all. Thia course follows a method that keeps in mind the interests of its viewers. It teaches you not only how to apply beautiful designs but also covers areas like, how one can take care of their henna and get darker stains.

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Detailed Thuluth Script Calligraphy Course

Detailed Thuluth Script Course A 3-week detailed course in Thuluth script following the method of late Imam of calligraphy Hashem Muhammad Al-Baghdadi. Student Level: AMATEUR Script Level:MEDIUM What we will learn: - Arabic alphabetical shapes in Thuluth script. - Creating an art piece using this script. Description: Thuluth script saw light during the Ottoman era. Due to the straight lines and sharp edges of Kufic script; Turkish calligraphers invented a new script that has gorgeous curves and delicate lines. Instead of using the common pen that was used for Kufic script, they have decided to take third of its thickness and invent a new delicate script. Third in Arabic means “Thuluth” and that is how the script got its name. Due to its unique beauty, Thuluth is still used till this day in Surah names in the Holly Qura’an. Most of the other scripts are inspired by this script including Muhaqqaq, Naskh, Tawqi and Ruq’ah.


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Kufic Mastery Course

In this course, we will learn the great Kufic script. This script was first introduced in Al-Hirah/Iraq. Due to its beauty, it has been used since then in decorating Mosques, palaces and valuable creations. The script itself is quite demanding, easy but very precise and unforgiving. To mater it we will need few tools:

  • Geometric tools such as rulers, compasses, triangles, and protractors.
  • Paper: for this script it is best to start using graph paper. This type of paper is divided into centimetres and millimetres. This will help you take correct dimensions while practicing.
  • Finally you will need pens, pencils and inking tools or colouring pens.
The method we are going to learn in this class is the scaling done by the great late calligrapher Mohammed Abdul Qadir. The course will be updated regularly therefore check it for more content.

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