An Interview With Artist Faried Omarah – A Creative Artist …


Q: You follow a dark theme in many of your artworks even though the message you deliver is full of light, what’s the story behind this fusion of darkness and light?

A: I do tend to follow a dark theme in my work, mainly for two reasons: the first is simple and that is because I find peace in simple and dark moods. The second is a sort of challenge I put up for myself to limit the effect and feeling of each artwork to the idea and concept, not the apparent look.


Q: You are a man of ideas ,how do you manage your mind which is surrounded by so many ideas and concepts?

A: I believe in transferable knowledge, that is certain things one might learn from one place and find a great chance for it to grow somewhere else. Add reading to that and one can come across many worlds with many ideas that inspire the mind.


Q: Freedom is a state of mind ,do you think anyone is free today?

A: It’s an irony that all sorts of technologies of today that would have allowed for minds to free itself caused us to sink further away from freedom. Probably so few of us today are free-minded contrary to what we claim. This is where art comes in to try to free our minds.


Q: Do you think your brush is your weapon and what change can you bring to society with this weapon?

A: I do believe so. Changing minds lead to changing everything else, and changing mind can in a way be done through art.


Q: How does art help to cope up with all the loneliness in the world?

A: It lets us know that what we feel is shared between so many people all over this world. We’re all the same in a way. It also gives us the chance to see our loneliness in others being dealt with and sometimes overcome. It gives us hope that we too can.


Q: What is more beautiful, the stars or Roses?

A: Everything is beautiful and normal and ugly under certain light. Nothing is anything in the absolute.


Q: What message do you want to deliver through your art?

A: Each artwork is a different story with a different message. Sometimes even one artwork is the exact opposite of the next. But isn’t this the way our minds and thoughts work?


Q: How do you connect the broken pieces of your heart to make a beautiful artwork?

A: There is beauty in pain. And there is ugliness in it too. Looking away from one and into the other is art.


Q: How is the art scene in Egypt and life as an artist?

A: I have always believed Egypt is full of great minds. Maybe it’s love of one’s home, but I am an introvert in a way that limits my overall view on the art scene except from books and the internet.


Q: When did you realise you are an artist?

A: I have always loved art, and never have I ever thought I might become one. I was good at physics and math in school and viewed art as something other people do, only to grow out of this to believe everyone has an artist inside of them. It just happens that some never get out.


Q: What tools and techniques do you use in your artwork?

A: Many techniques. Sometimes I draw by hand, or by CAD computer-assisted drawing tools, or by editing photographs. Whatever I need to reach the end goal.


Q: What is your advice to beginners in the art field?

A: Learn everything but settle for nothing less than finding your own true voice.


Q: What is the secret behind your success as an artist?

A: I can only thank Allah for giving me the way my mind sees things and the luck to be able to share it and see it appreciated by many.


Best regards,

Faried Omarah –

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