An Interview With  Donia Alshetairy Yes She has a SPARK….

?How do you think artists can contribute to the Yemen crisis
The crisis in Yemen is so complicated and it has a strong impact on the cultural presence. And it’s an important task for artists to continue producing creative artworks in these hard times as their role in spreading hope for the future. Moreover, showing society’s desire to express and change, will be a great incentive that will create major changes and actions

?How is life different as an artist if you compare Yemen and Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia and Yemen have common cultural roots and both carry a distinctive historical and urban heritage. As I belong to one and living in the other has a positive impact on me. I found myself passionate about searching and learning about various cultural spheres. However, given the current circumstances, living in Saudi Arabia gave me opportunities for growth and development

?How do you make use of equations in concept creation
The mathematical view of the world of things that I gained from my studies in programming stimulated in me analytical thinking and research in the roots of things and their ramifications, and Since the language of existence is a language of harmony concerned with balance and coordination,  we will find that many infinite geometrical configurations emanate from equations, whether simple or complex, for these equations are the basis for capturing and interpreting many phenomena around us

?How as your art journey so far
I can say that it is a distinguished and wonderful journey full of passion and desire to explore, during which I was able to create a special vision in a short period, and works of a different nature in which I combined various technologies, culminated in the previous year with important corporations with the Saudi Ministry of Culture and the Sharjah Museum

?What do you think about the art scene in Saudi
Culture in general in Saudi Arabia has been experiencing real growth, as the Kingdom provides support for art and artists, and you will find a clear eagerness for leadership in this field. As the Kingdom is very rich with diverse cultural heritage, what is happening now from the development of cultural institutions that incubate talents will have the greatest impact in the future.

?Which is your favorite masterpiece so far from all the art you have created
Every artwork created at the moment carries its own feelings and thoughts. Perhaps the work of Nabaa, which was displayed at the Islamic Arts Festival in the Sharjah Museum, is the closest where In this practice I trace the presence to the energy of sound for the (Athan) and indicate the interactions behind the audible sound that provokes our emotional reactions.
By finding ways to transform sound into a physical shape, explore through it an eternal cosmic language concerned with harmony and eternity, liberating us from temporal and spatial constraints, it is a code that unites with the hidden laws of existence

?How does art satisfy you
Art is an attempt to search for meanings and an exploration of the self and what is around us, and it is the connecting line between thought and feeling. Art can make me feel satisfied and happy every time I express myself, and every time an idea comes to mind, it has a place in this world.

?What tools and techniques do you use in your art
I use different tools as the idea & the artwork itself is the one looking for its tools, I have varied in my artistic practice between the use of wire and plastic to the use of light and sound as a material within the artwork.

?Do you have any message for artists around the world
My message to artists, especially during these difficult times, is to continue your uniqueness and exploration and try to transfer your feelings into an artwork, great works have always been born from the womb of harsh conditions.

.I’ve attached some pictures of my artworks and a profile picture
If you have more questions or need additional information just email me back. Please let me know when the interview publishes
! thank you in advance

, Best Regards
 Donia Alshetairy

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